A Touch of Class (While Sexting)

6 Jul

As soon as something new comes along people find ways to have sex with it.

Technology, is probably the best example of that.  Remember when AOL got creepy? All those older men, and let’s face it some cougars too, disguising themselves as teens asking if you want to “cyber”. Somehow the translation of “chatroom” got lost and came out as “sex den”.

Little boys and girls not looking to be exploited on the internet, or future porn stars of the world, decided to get out of chatrooms, good call. But cybering- which I will refer to as sexting ( because that sounds less predator-y) – is not all bad.

Sexting has become a thing. I mean, MTV had a show about it. But apparently that was needed because girls were not aware that it is a bad idea to send pictures of yourself to random men, or high school boys, who will , THEY WILL, at some point send it to all their buddies.  But, some of us, like to have a little virtual fun. It works between long-distances and can be fun and flirty.  However, if you are like me, you have no interest in being trashy. And the counter-part you choose to engage in such lustual activities with, I assume will appreciate some class.

I want to suck your cock, is a nice sentiment. But really girls? I mean, save it for the bedroom, that is what prostitutes who are paid to pretend they want that say. And I want you inside me is getting a little old. Leave something to the imagination… something to come back for.

I want you, is a good choice. I have it , on good authority, that it will drive the person on the receiving end crazy.Or…one of my favorites…  take me.

To men, I do not want to hear over and over that you want do this or that to my vagina. Or how you want me to this and that to your junior member. No thank you.

Be creative. I once got a message, and I engaged just because of how creative it was. Creativity turns me on.  In short, it involved comparison’s to Vesuvius… Vesuvius… just think about it.  Or this one… to work you like a master craftsman carving intricate patterns into a sculpture….  I mean this stuff is golden. Clearly some thought was put into it, it may be a bit cheesy. But that guy knows what to do.

Listen, of course at a point it can turn pretty uh… dirty. But, stay classy folk, or at least creative. I want to fingerbang you is neither of those things. NEITHER! Stay clear boys.

Till next time,

Daffodil Sparkle


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