How old is too old… to be belligerently drunk ??

11 Jul


I like to have as much fun as the next gal, but I believe in class. By the time you reach 23, you should no longer run into situations in which you throw up in cabs or can’t find your way home, or wake up with weird body tattoos. Amiright? 

Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine. And by friend of mine I mean guy friend. And by guy friend I mean member of the male species that  I fornicated with for some time.  But, have no respect for whatsoever. This friend, let’s refer to him as “The Pest” is 25. Over the course of our  relashication * relationship + forrnication), he had been belligerent more times than I can remember. 

The first time we went out somewhere with both our groups of friends… he got so drunk he ended up hooking up with some girl, while sitting right across from me. I might have cared if I thought highly of him, but i was just like ” well fuck that drunk bastard”. His excuse… I was really drunk. My response? BE A MAN. 

I cannot tell you how many times I received texts from him about how he got so wasted he lost shit, she stopped cabs to throw up, he got off trains to throw up, he got lost, he didn’t know how he got home. He ended up in the wrong borough. THE WRONG BOROUGH!

We are no longer engaged in our mattress sessions but he still feels the need to update me on his goings on. Most recently, he ended up at his parent’s home instead of his dorm. Without his phone. He did not realize he was heading to the wrong place, or left the city at all. Good job Pest! Good job. When I pointed out he may have a problem, by 25 you should be over that whole shit, he got mad… then asked if I would date him. HAHAHAHA. That was actually my response. I laughed. 

Having fun is great! Drinking is better! But, come on guys you are growing up, keep some class. KNow where you are. I do not want to be a babysitter. Or walk down the streets with you stumbling behind. Jeez! 

Till next time, 

Daffodil Sparkle 


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