My First ….

16 Jul


Once upon a time I got busy with a guy and turned out later it was his first time at home-plate. Or crossing home-plate rather.

Let me backtrack.

Here was this guy who I had known for a while. A good friend. I am pretty good at reading people so part of me somehow knew that despite me watching him, and helping him find conquests, he never really sealed the deal. It was just a feeling I had. But after a while I decided that I was crazy. There is no reason that he would still have his v-card in tact.

I forgot about it all together.

One night, he was visiting and we went bar hopping, and then well .. one thing lead to another which lead to sex. And well without getting too much into detail… boy knew what he was doing. Almost flawlessly. It was a good time… and any thoughts I had of his sexual experience… or inexperience for that matter, were put to rest. There was just no way.

That weekend we spent a lot of time between the sheets.

And then a couple of days later… he told me he had a confession. Somehow I knew what was coming. He told me that despite having covered most of his bases he never got past that last one. The funny thing is, he is the only guy I know that despite having quite the sexual apetite, does not put getting laid at the forefront. Which is quite refreshing, I know many a girl who has thrown herself at him.

But upon hearing the words, I immediately felt pressure. Like somehow if I had known I could’ve brought out all my tricks. But then again, it probably would have felt weird. I would have felt awkward about it. I thanked him for not telling me. But still felt pressure. It was a very weird feeling. I still feel a little odd about it.

I am not quite sure why. But I guess I can put that notch in my bedpost, and write it in a journal or something. Cross it off a nonexistent bucket list.

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle


2 Responses to “My First ….”

  1. Hermionejh July 23, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    That’s kind of hilarious, but also somehow sweetly sad. (I like alliteration too…) Great post! 🙂

    • daffodilsparkle July 23, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

      I was blown away, but I guess kind of sweet ( positive that is not the right term)… thanks for reading !

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