Aphrodisiacs: Bring Me Your Dorks

23 Jul

This is my dream man

Apparently, according to the magazines resting on my table, women are different than men. Cosmo says it takes a little more effort to turn on a woman than a man. Hmm, I wonder how true this is? I would say that this is not so for all women or all men but in general I feel women have more thoughts in their head, and getting in the mood takes a while, it has to weave through that mess.  But I never met a man who wasn’t ready to just …. go.

A friend of mine had a conversation recently about aphrodisiacs. The funny thing was that the thing on top of both our lists was ‘brains’. No I cannot be filled with burning desire by hearing a complex mathematical equation. But if you can recommend me a great book, have a conversation on mind theories, or tell me you had a favorite president… you as good as have me in bed.

I can’t fuck your mind, true… but the way I see it… I totally can.

But… with that said… there is another component to that. Next on my list is a sense of humor. I think humor balances out extreme awkwardness that may come with extreme intelligence. Girls, you know what I’m talking about…

Another important one, that I guess comes with the first two as well ( I like interconnected parts ) banter. If I say something, come back at me… I hate when guys just say ” sure” or “yeah” or give me one word answers. usually it is because they are lost. I don’t want that. Take that somewhere else.

I think brains and personality and whatnot  make a guy want to keep a gal around. But from y extensive research, it is needed just for a guy to be considered by a lady. Of course this is all relative to the male and female parts in the situation, but  I speak for myself. And the gals I tend to be around.

This is a comprehensive list of how to get me to want to jump you.  if nothing else…

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle


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