Four Letter Word Chronicles: Him

25 Jul

He was quite the man. Charming and terribly confident.  A man who can tell you he is crazy about you, and not worry how he sounds. He smelled amazing.

The little things, the simple things, made me want more. Making sure to kiss me goodnight, or pulling me in, holding me in the mornings. Was able to make a girl, a girl like me, with high fence,s fall.

The very nature of this post goes against everything I know. I taught myself how to be emotionless. How to make sure no one gets in. Color everything with sarcasm and attempted wit. But he broke some of that down, knowing exactly what I was doing, being okay with who I am, telling me it was okay, and carrying on  anyway. Allowed me to be difficult.

When someone understands your silence, and can decipher every glance, every smile, it is incredibly hard to hide.

I write this, because I vowed to put anything I wanted in here. To say the thoughts that come to mind, when I would otherwise hold back. Because I can. I need somewhere to release my deepest droplets and then close it any be done.

A temporary escape route.

He would tell me how I made him feel constantly, he explained everything, and he was beautifully honest. It was refreshing.


And when it comes to the point when I wonder what could’ve have been, some time , I will know we were cheated out of something.

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle


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