Between the Sheets: Professor Fantasies

7 Aug

We sat there, not doing anything important. I was busy staring and by staring I mean fantasizing at the lovely man in front of me, as I had been accustomed to doing.   He broke the silence with ” You are all my students”.  A gut reaction made me say, ” I am not your student any longer.” It had a tone that would require a wink after it, but since I do not wink, there wasn’t any winking.

” You’re right,” he said ” Now we can sleep together…”

My face probably did something funny.

” Uhm, you know, like technically… I was kidding of course.”

” Of course,” I squealed as I tried to think of something else to say.

Could this really happen. I mean three years worth of classes, watching him stand in front of the classroom looking adorable and getting me all hot and bothered with his mind.

We continued watching whatever was on the screen, I remember nothing.  He moved a little closer to me. Fuck yes, I thought. D for the win! I was sure I was sweating profusely, nerves were setting in, he moved closer. When he could get any closer he faced  me and kissed me. WHAT! I was in shock, frozen. Move, move, participate, PARTICIPATE! I thought to myself, and I did.

Things were getting hot and heavy. I was as happy as a kid in a toy store. And by that I mean my  professor fantasies were coming true, I was awesome. It was as whimsical as I expected.  Mind blowing.

… and then I woke up.




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