Pub Crawl Rome Saga: Part 1

11 Sep

I was fortunate enough to have a european adventure, and even more fortunate to have  been able to experience a Pub Crawl in Rome. Whattanight!

I am going to split this story into two or three parts, for the sake of keeping you coming back, but also a part for every stop we made on the crawl.

I need to backtrack for just a little. My friend R and I decided that after our first year of college we would meet in Europe and just travel around for a month.Our parents happen to be in the same group of friends, and one Saturday as they were lounging around together ( while R and I were away at school) they began talking about the details of the trip.  One of the members of the group, who has a daughter our age is crazy, and her daughter , A, is about 10x crazier. A whole lotta crazy … but none of us knew the extent just yet… A’s mother took the liberty of inviting her daughter on the trip. ” A is going to be so excited,” she said “can’t wait to tell her she is going to go with the girls….”. From how my parents relay the story, they had no idea what to do , they just blankly stared at each other.  What is a polite way to say FUCK NO! ? They couldn’t come up with one and it ended up being that crazy A was going to join us…

R and I are pretty laid back and figured it would be okay, or make for some good stories. And let me repeat we were not fully aware of all the crazy.

The trip was whirlwind of crazy moments. That girl needed to be committed. Really, I have never seen such ridiculousness. I think the fact that her pestering me, yelling at me, and so on … did not cause me to react at her by throwing sharp objects in her direction she decided that I was her target. She had a beef with me… Our last stop was Rome and she was in full force. I slept with one eye opened.

Before I go on… let me illustrate something. R and I were so annoyed by her, and scared of her, that we pretended to be fast asleep when she woke up so she would leave on her own and we could spend the mornings without her. She would shuffle around the room clanking and banging and talking to herself and doing weird dance moves, and we would give each other a quick glance, and shut our eyes and stay in bed.  It worked every time.

Anyways so we are in Rome and we decide that on our second to last night we are going to a Pub Crawl. We meet at the Spanish steps, pay our 20 euros, get our t-shirts and get ready for a night of drinking too much and partying too hard.  Pub Crawl is a great thing to do while in a foreign country because it brings so many people together, especially tourists, and what better way to get to know someone then drinking with them? We met people from Jersey and Chicago and Spain and then there were the Australians.  R and I made friends with these three Australian guys. I cannot, for the life of me, remember any of their names. We were probably friends with them because a) Aussies are great b) they were cute and most important c) they kept buying us drinks, endlessly.

The first hour of the first bar was unlimited free mixed drinks… win! Black Magic, the bartender, served us up with any drink we could think of, including an orgasm after sex on the beach… which I do not recommend -in drink form . Once the hour was over, we didn’t even notice because the Australians kept our glasses full. A who came in and out of our vision, decided she had her eye on one of the Aussies. She attempted to nozzle up to him, or flirt with her afghan wrapped around her – who the fuck wears and afghan to a pub crawl???-  and in between bad flirting called her mom,  in AMERICA,   to have a chat and tell her that R and I were drinking.

It is time to head on to the next bar, and on the way I meet the Jersey boy who goes to school in Cali and is super adorable in the way that I would want him drunk and for a night but nothing more since he surfs and wears Roxy t-shirts and board shorts… but yum ! We are walking to the bus together, talking, flirting, and I am winning.

If you want to hear more crazy, stick around for the next bar !!


Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle





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