Story Time: Lonesome Bar Trip

14 Sep

I promise the rest of the Pub Crawl story is coming, but this post is about last night.

So last night I had an impromptu meet-up with some friends at a local bar.And for some reason they insisted on going out at 6:15, who goes out that early? And so I figured that we would start the night at one place and move on to the next ( and the next). So here we are sitting in this bar, and we are watching it get filled up, nursing our drinks and people watching. The clock 7 and one friend decides she needs to go home… one down. The clock hits 7:30 and the next  friend is whining about being tired. It is 7 fucking 30. Tired? Really? I ask if she is 80. She says no, then I tell her she is 80. People are rolling over from their afternoon naps at 7:30 and she is calling it a night.  There is no convincing her.

So there I am standing alone on a city street not knowing what to do. I can make a right and go home or a left and go to one of my usual spots alone. I sit at the bar and order my Vodka tonic, I watch some of the Yankee game, play around on my cell phone, look busy. A man comes to the bar, he seems to be a usual because he calls the bartender by name. He asks if he could sit next to me, I tell him it is fine and ask if he wants me to move over so he can have a better spot. He says no and takes his seat , with a pitcher of bud light.

He is definitely older, I would have guessed 40 or so right off the bat. But good looking. Had that sort of laid back air about him and an accent. He doesn’t say anything more to me, and figure I am in the clear. The problem with going to bars alone is guys usually think you are there to pick up guys, when sometimes you just want to sit, relax and have a drink. He leaves me alone, nothing is said. I am all good.

A little time goes bye and he asks if I know the bartender, good opener. I say not this one. blah blah. And it comes out that I took his usual seat. I make some jokes, and he finds me charming, I am much more charming with strangers, apparently. We talk about how I don’t care about what brand of alcohol goes in my vodka tonics or how I don’t even know the difference. I make a comment about not knowing jack about whiskey but I know you don’t  mix  top shelf  with soda. He finds that amazing. I leave to go to the bathroom, and I come back and he has bought me another drink… one that I wasn’t planning on having, but I mean what kind of person would I be if I didn’t drink it?  I thank him kindly.

I tell him I am a writer and he says that makes me smart, although I am not sure about that. And then we start talking about his dating of smart women , and so on. He tells me about his OkCupid profile and I laugh. He shows it to me, he is 40 and I guessed he doesn’t get many intelligent women from it. He is amazed I can guess that. I spend the next five minutes rewriting his profile. Yup, I did that, at a bar  for a stranger. I assured him he would get more intelligent women, he was excited.

I think it was the vodka goggles that made me give him my business card. Really I do not know what I was thinking. But alas, I doled it out.  He asked when we can hang out again, I steered the conversation away from that. He tells me he has to go and kisses me on the cheek. He stops,  and says ” I need to go to the bathroom”, but when I come back I am going to give you another kiss before I leave.

While he is in the bathroom, I have half a mind to just leave. But I could never be that person, I just like to pretend. I am a really good pretender. He comes back with his spanish self… did I mention he is from Spain?  He says his good byes again.  I feel people at the bar looking at me, like I am the bait on to catch a predator. I clear my throat, say goodbye to the bartender and leave.

His call is one I won’t be answering.

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle


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