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Tipsy Times: Hot Mess, Loving it Hell Yeah

28 Aug

Sometimes you look at a moment in your life and you say ” what a hot mess”. Usually these moments come after large consumptions of alcohol.

I have had many a moment in my life like this, not as many as some other people, but enough to be used to it. A little while ago my friend decided she was going to have her birthday party at this bar that is probably the skankiest place in the city. It’s just a bowl of sluts and douches. Till 12am they have a band and whatnot and then once the clocks strikes midnight the slut parade moves through and the place goes to shit. A dirty pile of stinky shit.

I was confused as to why , out of all the places in this wonderful city, she chose that one. I figured it was because she wanted to make poor decisions and not be judged for them, commendable. Like the good friend that I am I made sure the night was full of flowing drinks, mischievous activity, and slut interference.

Times were good.

We decided to move on to another bar… and then another. Until we reached our last stop …. one which is on the douchebar list ( a vital list for all new yorkers). This particular joint is ready to close while we are still in it and so we decide that the next likely step is an after-party at my apartment.  This idea is well liked by my friend. We stumble out onto the street at 4am, I turn to look for my friend so we can get going and she is gone. Nowhere to be found. I then see she is wobbling into a taxi, and here I am wondering about our after-party. A moment later I forget about the after-party. I assume the night is over, and I walk home.

About halfway there I notice some people following me, and by people I meant two fellas and a gal from the party. One guy, let’s call him Big One,  I knew before as he was buying me drinks all night and I know him from around school and such, but the other two I just meant. I ask why they are following me. They tell me they are coming to the after-party. I am puzzled. I explain that the after-party is no more. I don’t think they understand because they are still following me.

I get to my door, and they are still there. I let them in, offer them some drinks. I am wondering why these people are in my apartment, and when they plan on leaving. I am not in the right mind to actually do anything about it, so I curl up on the couch and wait. And wait… and wait. Next thing I know I am having an impromptu make-out session with Big One. Why? Don’t know. How? Don’t know. All I know is that it is all very high school and the minute they leave I wonder why I did such a thing. I had no such intensions. I think it was a combination of alcohol and feeling bad about all the drinks he sent my way.

Did I mention that the girl who was with us was Big One’s sister?… Yup.

They left at 7am.

How many more years do I have to do such things and not really care about them ?


Till next time,

Daffodil Sparkle


Four Letter Word Chronicles: Him

25 Jul

He was quite the man. Charming and terribly confident.  A man who can tell you he is crazy about you, and not worry how he sounds. He smelled amazing.

The little things, the simple things, made me want more. Making sure to kiss me goodnight, or pulling me in, holding me in the mornings. Was able to make a girl, a girl like me, with high fence,s fall.

The very nature of this post goes against everything I know. I taught myself how to be emotionless. How to make sure no one gets in. Color everything with sarcasm and attempted wit. But he broke some of that down, knowing exactly what I was doing, being okay with who I am, telling me it was okay, and carrying on  anyway. Allowed me to be difficult.

When someone understands your silence, and can decipher every glance, every smile, it is incredibly hard to hide.

I write this, because I vowed to put anything I wanted in here. To say the thoughts that come to mind, when I would otherwise hold back. Because I can. I need somewhere to release my deepest droplets and then close it any be done.

A temporary escape route.

He would tell me how I made him feel constantly, he explained everything, and he was beautifully honest. It was refreshing.


And when it comes to the point when I wonder what could’ve have been, some time , I will know we were cheated out of something.

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle

Aphrodisiacs: Bring Me Your Dorks

23 Jul

This is my dream man

Apparently, according to the magazines resting on my table, women are different than men. Cosmo says it takes a little more effort to turn on a woman than a man. Hmm, I wonder how true this is? I would say that this is not so for all women or all men but in general I feel women have more thoughts in their head, and getting in the mood takes a while, it has to weave through that mess.  But I never met a man who wasn’t ready to just …. go.

A friend of mine had a conversation recently about aphrodisiacs. The funny thing was that the thing on top of both our lists was ‘brains’. No I cannot be filled with burning desire by hearing a complex mathematical equation. But if you can recommend me a great book, have a conversation on mind theories, or tell me you had a favorite president… you as good as have me in bed.

I can’t fuck your mind, true… but the way I see it… I totally can.

But… with that said… there is another component to that. Next on my list is a sense of humor. I think humor balances out extreme awkwardness that may come with extreme intelligence. Girls, you know what I’m talking about…

Another important one, that I guess comes with the first two as well ( I like interconnected parts ) banter. If I say something, come back at me… I hate when guys just say ” sure” or “yeah” or give me one word answers. usually it is because they are lost. I don’t want that. Take that somewhere else.

I think brains and personality and whatnot  make a guy want to keep a gal around. But from y extensive research, it is needed just for a guy to be considered by a lady. Of course this is all relative to the male and female parts in the situation, but  I speak for myself. And the gals I tend to be around.

This is a comprehensive list of how to get me to want to jump you.  if nothing else…

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle

Between the Sheets: Friends

3 Jul

So what does happen when you sleep with a friend?

You laugh.

If there is no laughing. You aren’t friends.

I am a firm believer in everything I have just said. This is through experience. Recent experience.

Let’s call this friend LP, and that is how he will be referred to from now on.  Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Or rather, I should say, that somewhere buried in the back of your mind, behind lengthy conversations, useless facts, and drunken nights, lies the drop of knowledge that something may occur.You know that feeling?  It is a coin toss.

I could say I was wasted. But that would be a lie. I was just… uhm… drunk enough.That time of  the night where you still have thoughts and worries but you don’t give a fuck. Well Watching a movie on the couch turned into a late night special  ( doesn’t it always)…

I was a tiny bit worried, I have a severe phobia of awkwardness. SEVERE. But, we laughed. Pretty much the whole time. Like little school girls, wait that was a creepy analogy under these circumstances. Forget I said that.

I am pretty sure  a “that’s what she said ” or two were involved… maybe more.  It was sort of like a scene from what I would categorize as an American Pie-esque film, only less ridiculous and more entertaining.

So LP and I continued to laugh the weekend away and remained in awe of the complete lack of awkwardness. And this is the way life should be.

Till next time,

Daffodil Sparkle

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