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Pub Crawl Rome Saga: Final Chapter

11 Oct

This is the last and final piece of this story. I could drag it out keep you guys on my rope but I will not be so cruel.

So here we go…where was I? Oh leaving the second place.

So the guide blows his whistle and it is time to hustle off to the next bar. And by hustle I mean stumble slowly. I think I fell somewhere between bar  two and bar three. I will blame my shoes. Anyway, I need to backtrack, shoes are important here. A borrowed my shoes that night. I had an extra pair of flip-flops and to avoid having to have a conversation with her I allowed her to borrow them for the night. On the way to the third bar, she breaks the flip-flop yup, bitch broke it. So it is just a flip-flop and I would be going home soon so it was fine, I am not going to go all Bad Girls Club on her. But, she being her neurotic ridiculous self takes the shoe throws it in my face while we are walking and goes ” Your sucky flip-flop broke”. Jersey boy is standing next to me, and she should be happy that I don’t have much of a temper because I wanted to shove that shoe up her ass, I said ” excuse me, don’t throw things we are not 5, and secondly you probably broke it with all your spazztic jazz dancing.” She starts yelling at me, Jersey boy goes ” You should never lend her anything, what a bitch,”.

We get to the third place and I turn around to talk to R and I turn back around and see that A has taken Jersey Boy’s arm and is dragging him away from me. I found ou later that A told him that I told her to do that because I was trying to get with an australian. He is not so bright. Now, I do not care about these things usually, this is a guy at a bar not my future husband. However, this girl had gotten on my last nerve. I remained pretty civil the whole trip, and I was allowed to be mad.  R and I leave both of them.

Onto the next bar, the final bar, bar number four. R, one of the Australians, R’s guy she found and I all decide to hit the dance floor. Now, out of the corner of my eye I see A literally jump on Jersey Boy, JUMP. I was finding this whole situation annoying, but pretty hilarious. I was over it, I had a hot australian in front of me. There is a picture somewhere on the internet of R and I side by side doing some minimally questionable things on the dance floor. Whoops.

It is pretty early in the morning, or really late in the night depending on how you choose to look at it and it is time to go home.  The bar is closing and there is a curfew on the hostel if you come in past 4 then it closes and you cannot get in. Really they will not let you in ( stories to come about that hostel).

Now we are in bumble-fuck. Literally there is absolutely nothing around, no cars, no buildings, just the club and trees and empty roads. R and I are trying to read this little map they gave us on how to get back to the Spanish Steps, map was frustrating me, I threw it. We go to find A, and she is not listening which is funny because she usually made us go home at 8pm. She brushes us off and R and I decide we are going to go outside and try to get a cab or something. As we are waiting A comes out yelling YELLING that we need to get back to the hostel and R and I should stop playing around we are going to make her miss curfew and I just turn to her and go ” Are you fucking kidding me?” R is laughing. Now, I have really had enough.

Jersey Boy sees us outside, comes out to me and asks if I want to hang out more, or maybe another night. ” No thanks” I tell him. Because I pick them well my Aussie found us a cab. And by us I mean he R and I. Aussie and R get in the cab and I follow, ” Bu bye A you can go home with Jersey boy or yourself, see ya!” And I close the door. She stood there looking dumfounded and we laughed all the way home.

The Aussie pays for the cab for R and I and we get back with time to spare and R and I see no sign of A. I am told I called A a slut about 57 times and we stumbled into the hostel. No sign of A. R and I stay up talking a bit, no sign of A. We wake up the next morning to find her laying outside like a bum. She missed curfew and had to sleep outside, she deserved it. Did I mention that she not only paid for her own cab but Jersey Boy’s too? HA! We climb over her and head to breakfast.

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle


Pub Crawl Rome Saga: Part 2

22 Sep

I am back with the second installment of the Pub Crawl saga.

Where did I leave off…oh on our way to the second bar.

The group is already stumbling and there are three more bars to go… we are on the bus and Jersey Boy and I are still talking, the Australians are still being Australian and the night is young and fun. R and I are ignoring A and minding our own drunkenness.

We arrive at bar number 2. This one a little less “cluby” a little more”puby”. The Australians buy us all drinks. Long Island Ice Teas and I pass mine over to Jersey Boy since I cannot drink those. Now the Aussie that A has her eyes on  is pretty drunk, and still won’t hook up with her ! Smart boy, he decides to go home.  Now she is mad, she is furious,  you would think someone stole her child, she is frantic. R is off somewhere talking to some girls we met and I and Jersey Boy are standing around. A comes marching over in her pashmina and stands directly between Jersey Boy and I ( facing him of course).  My jaw drops, what the hell does she think she is doing. I tap her on the shoulder and Jersey Boy walks around her., back to me.

One again she is mad. And what happens next is shocking, hilarious, and yet I may have predicted looking back on the trip. She rips off her  fucking pashmina, throws it to me and says “hold this” then she begins to dance. Yes I said dance. She stands in front of Jersey Boy and dances, and not in a sexy alluring way in a lets do a terrible jazz routine in this bar in which no one is dancing. I am laughing so hard and looking around for R to see if she is catching this, she is nowhere to be found, and I am sad that she is missing this. I can’t stop watching. Everyone is laughing at her, and giving her weird glances and I decide to take a seat with a drink and watch the show. Because this is gold!

The best is when she is done with her routine she stomps towards me and gives me one of those like ghetto chest like in your face things. I am laughing so hard I can barely tell her how ridiculous she is.

Where are this girl’s meds?

Till Next Time,

Daffodil Sparkle

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